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Roses Will Die, But My Love Goes On (For Rachel)

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Here's a mix I made for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day, I think it turned out really well so I'm sharing it with you guys. All the track titles are centered around "love" and various other love and valentine related themes... Soundcloud's getting dumb about uploading mixes these days so I hosted it on Mixcloud and you can download it from the upload.net link...



Thundercat - Is It Love? // Solar Bears - Love Is All // U-Ziq - Hug // Cooly G - Love Dub // AFX - Love 7 // Hyetal - Lovers // Bloom Slow - We Can Hold Hands // Onra - Send Me Your Love // Dave Brady & The Stars - Baby, Baby I Need You // Prefuse 73 - Afternoon Love-In // Andrew Bayer - Need Your Love // Squarepusher - Everyday I Love // Darkside - Heart // Frustrator - I Adore You // Boards of Canada - Color Of The Fire // Aeroc - Some Kisses // Chrome Sparks - Cosmic Claps Of Love // Fevrier - Your Arms // Vaghe Stelle - Out Of Body Sex Experience // Lotide - Lover's Masque // Lake Radio - YR Love // Deftones - Sextape // Lord Raja - I Really Love You


Listen: http://www.mixcloud.com/RIIITZ/roses-will-die-but-my-love-goes-on-for-rachel/


Download: http://uploaded.net/file/w64dxz80

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