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HELLO! Okay, so I read the rules, and I've commented on musics for months and will continue to do so- I didn't even know they were posted to this section, cuz I didn't know it existed until today. All these sections, mang.....


Anyway, so I am here to post and get random feedbacks, and I'm most interested in reactions like, "This sucks shit", or whatever, because I don't share my music with enough people, even though I generally tell myself I'm fucking bowmb. But the way I think of me starting this thread, is to share some unheard tracks and unreleased shit of mine, unfinished projects, etc., and get some sort of reaction as if that shit was released. Knowmsane?! Like there is music that's released on proper hi-end indie labels, and it's shit. So like, yah. So I am wondering if "you" heard whatever of my tracks, where would that feel appropriate, what would your feelings be on the release, etc.


I'm trying to be my public relations department with this thread.


I tend to just do my own shit regardless of apocalypse, but I do realize it's good to absorb other people's opinions, to experience the self in third person which can help with consciousness refinement.


Also, I am saying "hi" with this thread, as my musical identity or whatever the fuck. Jah mang.


Anyhow, here is a track I came across and just UL'd (not totally finished, p.s. it's a maturer type track) from my 2011 album HONOLULU OPIUM DEN---Sunshine Night:



Phuture clu'b track from 2089, from 2010... So this is supposed to be listened to like you're listening to hip hop in da clu', and everyone is basically plastic.---funpi:



Also from 2010--- That's What It Is:



My current working album is somewhat like the above... jah mang.


Anyhow, thanks for listening and reading for me music introz thread tingz, and whenever I find random old school or new school tracks of mine that I need the "Awesome Earz Of WATMM" to go PYOW, I shall share and be like "WADDUP"~~~ CIAO~~~

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Sup G.


So I listened to your songs, and props and kudo's are in their place. I will post a bigger review later, but just wanted to give a shout because you're obviously refreshing this page like mad to see if someone paid any attention. So yeh.

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AdieuErsatzEnnui Thank you, mang!

Dpek Thank youz! I see wattchyu mean, mang. That track is technically unfinished, and the PART I was unable to nail in time was da whole BUMPIN theme. Time~! There has to be some grooving bumpin part where you have time to grind that one drunk fat chick, but it's more spacey. I definitely want to get back to this album one day...

paranerd Haha! Old school, old school... (fenkz 4 DL)


Here's clips of the album that the above 2nd track came from. It was somewhat footwork inspired before the Planet Mu footwork and underground bandwagon began, so I was kind of disappointed that I was unable to finish an album that was actually inspired by watching years of footwork vids, etc. Muthafuck. That being said, it was 99% space cosmic lazer post post post IDM ultra-- one of my top workz. Goootta finish one day, after I re-buy a Mac.:



Track paranerd referred to...:


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Track 1 - found it cool, especially the first part. Then I thought it gets kind of messy, especially mix-wise. The kind of short/mid reverb you used add too much space I think, and the whole thing doesn't sound so wide as it could (in term of frequency balance mostly).


I thought the same thing about track 2. I don't know how many reverbs you used, but if you used mostly one and send considerable amounts of the tracks of your mixes in it I think you could enhance the mix by using two or three of them with different time and timbre characters. This way you could create more depth between the instrument.


Well that's what I could tell about production, it's always easier for me to comment that side of the music around here because I always need some time to get used to new music (and also because I'm sound engineer). But I found some breaks and acid cool already ^^


keep it up!

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Something from my uh, more pop serekshunz:


In The Place


From 2009 off of my ultra hitz album 2hr unfinished masterpiece... I always thought if I shared this track, I'd get reactions like "This is shit", cuz you know, IDM is so anti-pop it's pop.


From same album:

Testing The Flex


Thanks for input and listening and all that! Really appreciate it yoz.

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Oh, shit- so I recently found this forgotten improv freestyle shitz from 2011:




It's 9 minutes long, but the "actual track" starts at 2 minutes. Unless you are extremely patient with totally unprepared laptop mic testing for 2 minutes, I recommend skipping to 2 minutes (it's when I finally start to latch onto some vibe)... But actually I guess if you're impatient in general you can skip the whole track, because this is not some fully fleshed out pop anthem. IT IS ZING ZING ZING~!


This was freestyle and improv in trueform, with no planning (or VST effects or edits; gurgly sound is from realtime noise cancellation), so pardon the roughness!


"May the zing be with you"

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