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Frau Troffea


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Wow, this has some really nice moments. My favorite is around 6:20. But the goodness really makes me wish that the development was more based on melodic progression instead of sectional same-loop-melody type structure. Because the main themes are really strong here, so I keep feeling (listened a few times) that I want the main themes to be presented to me through other themes; like a buildup. Due to the structure, what should be some epic crazy peak, turns out less so, because there is little melodic buildup. i.e. There is less foreplay, but lotta insertion.


But overall, this is a really cool/pretty track. Definitely have some strong melodic themes working in here.

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Peace 7: great feedback. I am still experimenting with ways to go with the track and you definitely gave me some new ideas.

As for the synths. This track uses zebra u-he and sampled instruments.

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Guest brendyman

I think my favorite thing about this track is the little conversation samples you threw in there, really adds a whole other layer to the track

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