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Avatar/Signature Review And Discussions Thread

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user: lwpss







review: Damn great looking avatar. I like the combination of the vintage rustic brown palette with the bright rainbow colours. I do not consider the doll to be a necesarry element per se (one may consider it to be slightly tending towards kitsch), but it's presence isn't bothersome in any way. One thing I might tweak, should that power be in my control, is maybe add some slight dark shade at the beginning of the rainbow, so that the rainbow gets a more tactile presence, and it puts emphasises on the illusion of coming out of the hoodie. But that's just me I guess.


All in all, looking good there.








user: azatoth






review: I'm so sick of seeing this one for crying out loud when are you going to change it how dare you smear the grand holy name of oolong like that please stop :'(


But to be honest it still has some cuteness merit ^_ ^ before it goes all goatse.



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on first inspection you think "oh fuck the carpet i need towels," but you remember you are waking up drunk at the computer and you are not in the back of an 18-wheeler that you live in because it's a dream. as you punch your leg to regain feeling and apply a healthy dose of jim beam to your dim headache, you find your attention pondering this square of pixels deeply. the digital aesthetic communicates a strange but familiar wisdom from some extinct place and people. is it the emblem of a time traveler, recognizable only to other time travelers? is the philosophy of a transcendent civilization encoded here? what's that smell? are these tears or piss? a mysterious satisfaction comforts you as you return to black-out mode.

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i just changed mine for the first time in 4+ years... sausage timing ever


'sok. I remember you were an anthropomorphic carrot AND I get the clitterhaus reference for boinus points. However whether you do equal ratings remains to be seen...


Top 3 alltime watmm avs IMO


All of Fred's (duh)

The many faces of Kaen


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review mine




Tough one. The main thing that draws the eye is the anime girl. Yet what the rest should represent is hard to make out. Some sort of computer-y screen perhaps. It does not look so bad. It serves it's purpose. But Only just. It barely stands out as an avatar. One would give a quick glance at it and scroll on. One does not stop to look and figure out what the rest below the anime girl is supposed to be. Perhaps knowing the story behind the avatar might give a better understanding of why you've chosen it as a visual representation of your internet persona. But it lacks the incentive that would rise curiosity in people wanting to ask to you "so what's your avatar supposed to be?"



Decent effort. Aestethically, it's just ok. But doesn't stand out.




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Mine will stay forever in remembrance of those who have come and those who have gone.

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do me! do me!

You're not my type, but I'm desperate. Call me.



avatar: photo-5888.png?_r=1388581099


Good avatar. Based on Venetian Snares' Songs About My Cats for those 'not in the know'. Already a good album cover to begin with. One could interpret that as 'playing it safe', yet mspainting it must have been a notable challenge (one assumes). One loves how mspainting it really brought the cat's expression to a new level. One of those avatars where one might be disappointed should one ever change it.














Good looking sig. Not much to say. A bunch of coloured skulls dreaming of a carrot. Pretty great.


The thing in the spoiler: Good sig-sized .gif. Funny looking. One could understand the appeal. But the .gif does not have a smooth loop. And has a bit of meme-esque stench on it. One has to deduct points for that.



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