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Retape - Signals On The Double

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A gorgeous 6-tracker by Norwegian techno/electro/acid artist Retape. The EP takes off where Drexciya and related projects such as The Other People People Place left it in the early 2000s. The title track takes it away and is the most technoid of all with a driving bassline and open hi-hats while long stretched melodies finish it off; this one sucks you onto the dance floor as if it were one big whirlpool. The second cut "Coir" is a serene a downtempo 4/4 track that gets you overwhelmed with an otherworldly melody sneakily coming in about midway. "EMN" then, pulls you straight underwater with its hard hitting snares, plastic bassline and acid feel. The tempo goes up with "Cars", a delay-heavy spaced out acid track for unstable dance floors. The following track "Rotation" is a beatless excursion into the world of clinical synthesized sci-fi music. The incorrectly named "Moving Down" is the final track and a true upper: high speed melodic electro with a touch of melancholia. Six times lucky, this one.
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Love it but Clone does none of us any good really. It needs to get into a real shop that doesn't have $40 shipping.




Yeah, I've also found Juno has the best prices for shipping to the US.


Samples sound great!

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from 030303's facebook:


Thanx everybody for the massive support of the Retape release! Copies are as good as gone! Some supporters below:

- Laurent Garnier:
“"signals" is awsome -- Will play this everywhere-

- Axel Boman (Studio Barnhus / Pampa Records): “full sweden support! beautiful!!!!!”

- - Ben Kudos (kudos records):
“'cars' and 'signals on the double' sound amazing. what an ep!”

- Paul Woolford (Planet E/Hotflush/WeLove/Special Request ): “'Cars' is absolutely wonderful, killer track - thank you!”

- Heidi radio1 (BBC) -
“abolute killer tracks every time.”

- Juno.co.uk:
030303 is not as high-profile as other Dutch labels, but Signals on the Double shows that it understands the art of A&R better than many

- Mosca (Not So Much / Ann Aimee / Prime Numbers): “Rotation is mad! Thanks for sending”

- Deetron:
“The title track is amazing!”

Benny Rodrigues (ROD):
here's some excellent detroit / electro inspired music for your soul.
drexciya inspired? LOVE it!

- Rene Passet (/ DJ Broadcast magazine / Oor Mag. / Kindamuzik):
“What a great release! I love every single track on this.Very vintage, but at the same time very urgent.”

- Simon Whight (Data Transmission / Ibiza Voice / Inverted Audio / Fabric):
“Reminds me of playing Jaguar XJ220 on the Amiga.
Which is a good thing.”

- Instra:mental :

- Alex Sushon (rinse fm / night slugs):
“really nice”

- Phonica (Phonica Records)
“Love the title track of this one....!”

- Charles (Boiler Room): “niceness”

- Philip Sherburne (resident advisor, the wire, pitchfork etc)
“Love "Coir" and "Cars"!”

-and on and on and on! Awesome.....

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