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man ive been rocking normcore for a long fucking time


finally people realize.


buy a few decent levis that fit, get some dark shirts without logos that fit properly


a cheap belt from target


the coat is pretty important. wear the same pair of shoes for three to four years

my favorites are reebok (dark blue) or nike (black with white check things or whatever)


colored t shirts from the gap or wherever without logos for daily wearing


the key, very seriously, is to look super normal and have absolutely no attention drawn to what you're wearing, while still looking pretty good. so no attention negative or positively drawn to what you are wearing.


what i find funny are these hipsters who are supposedly intelligent or vegan or whatever who will judge me for wearing a fucking gap shirt with raulfp lauren polo or whatever and im like "girl i just went to dillards stfu i put zero thought into this shit i just want to look normal u fuckin phony ass shallow gurl"

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holy shit the phony status obsessed histers are co opting this





Jeremy Lewis, the founder/editor of Garmento and a freelance stylist and fashion writer, calls normcore “one facet of a growing anti-fashion sentiment.” His personal style is (in the words of Andre Walker, a designer Lewis featured in the magazine’s last issue) “exhaustingly plain”—this winter, that’s meant a North Face fleece, khakis, and New Balances. Lewis says his “look of nothing” is about absolving oneself from fashion, “lest it mark you as a mindless sheep.” From Novembre magazine. “Fashion has become very overwhelming and popular,” Lewis explains. “Right now a lot of people use fashion as a means to buy rather than discover an identity and they end up obscured and defeated. I'm getting cues from people like Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld. It's a very flat look, conspicuously unpretentious, maybe even endearingly awkward. It's a lot of cliché style taboos, but it's not the irony I love, it's rather practical and no-nonsense, which to me, right now, seems sexy. I like the idea that one doesn't need their clothes to make a statement.”



i dont even know what to do. i mean, where do we go now?





I've genuinely never understood fashion. How in the fuck can anyone seriously see it as anything more than a shallow thing. I mean, we should be wearing fucking robes in public and comfort should be the only thing that matters. I know this. How the fuck do people not realize this? Anyone with "good fashion" is almost always immediately marked in my mind as a person who is not intelligent.

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every man should wear a plain hanes/fruit of the loom t-shirt


nobody cares what bands you like, this isnt high school


just think about how silly you looked wearing you slipknot tee

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it's funny how fads work / and die. and then it's like , why are you wearing that, that's like last summer



also about being comfortable, i see a lot of fashion conscious people on the street wearing sweatpants these days

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I wear decent brands just because they fit better. I don't think that's shallow because I'm not really trying to impress anyone (I'm pretty much married). I don't know =S

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