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This has to be the most boring, lame compilation they've ever put out. Their big name artists are a far cry from what they once were. I think if there wasn't an Autechre track, no-one would even bother buying it.


Remember when WARP compilations were like a statement of intent, a good barometer of where the label was at and what they were putting out at the time? OK, I realise this comp is for Bleep, but even so, you'd think with the wealth of music that has been and gone through the online store over the years they could have picked a set of artists for tunes that were a little more exciting/relevant to now.


Autechre track aside, it's just not a particuarly memorable compilation for the 10 year mark. A damning indictment of the state of music in the last 10 years, or just poor choices by whoever compiled it? Who knows...


Ah well, lets just reconvene in another 10 years for BLEEP20, when we'll all be downloading the .CHRE files to listen to on our Oculus PhaceRifts.



That's very true. You'd think that with advance planning (they probably planned this a year ago or more) they could have asked all the big guns to contribute. Some Plaid, LFO, Aphex, Boards (they could have surely found something on the cutting room floor after TH).

Just an exclusive BOC track would have ensured the comp sold in truckloads which would have been good for all the other artists too.

Was that too much to ask?


spoke the dude with the shitiest avatar ever



spoke the dude who's trolling for the sake of it.

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I think you guys are being too harsh. Undoubtedly, the Ae track is very good. But the Nathan Fake and Lone tracks are pretty good. The OPN is inoffensive. The Modeselektor track is fun (I've never heard their tunes before, but I think I'll have to check out some more by them). The Machinedrum and Fuck Buttons tracks are okay, too. ... What's your collective problem here? Ya'll need a hug or something?


agreed, I think it maybe the watmm Autechre collective being ultra snooty :wink:

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I dunno about the comp yet (though I suspect it will be great given the lineup) but those t-shirts, man... absolutely wack. wtf Bleep, get your shit together and produce some nice ones with detail and finesse.

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I like this comp. Nothing earth-shattering, but enjoyable all the way through. Perhaps watmm calibrated my expectations appropriately low.

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Guest bitroast

I have no issues or beef ! The machinedrum and lone and Nathan fake tracks are all quite good. Plus ae, of course *chuckle chuckle*

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The Lone track is pretty good, don't really like the sample in it though.


I really like the Machinedrum track, I'm getting a BOC vibe from it, not sure why


Chre can do no wrong

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