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Ovuca's Old Outtakes

Herr Jan

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I only recently discovered there are two albums worth of outtakes from Onclements and Lactavent. Both were leaked by Aleksi Perala himself around 1999 on his website (or p2p, not sure), so the quality is +-128vbr on the Lactavent Outtakes and 54kpbs on Onclements Outtakes. If you haven't checked it out, you should definitely dig this up!



Anyway, I figured a thread on this to not forget these releases would be nice, so: what are your thoughts on this?

Imo, the Lactavent Outtakes are way better than the actual album. Lot's of really oldschool warm braindance sounds instead of the chaotic raw Lactavent.

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too bad its not available anymore :(


Both outtake albums are still floating around on soulseek!


aaaaaaa can´t find them anywere.

I gave up looking months ago :´[

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