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FREE Beat Slicers that export midi files too?

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Hello WATMM massif!


So, after a bit of an absence, I decided to completely wipe my virus infected computer and start fresh with a new studio setup. Why virus infected? Porn, of course. But seriously, too much haxored shit that I'm sure led to all sorts of bad, bad things. My aim with this rebirth is to go all Freeware - I already have a ton of good, free, VST candidates that I've grown to love over the years for general samplers/sounds and the such.


The one free VST I can not seem to find is a good, solid, beat slicer. I don't care much about the bells and whistles. What I do care about is something that can:


a) Import Wav/sound files/loops

b) Match the tempo (at least somewhat reliably) to the host tempo (timestretch the sample)

c) Slice the sample appropriately into hits

d) Allow me to create a midi file I can put in the DAW to correspond the loop for playback


For that last part, what I mean is, after slicing, having a midi file with midi notes that correspond to each individual hit in order, so when playing the midi (routed back to the slicer) it will sound like the loop is just "playing" (so then I can go in and fuck around with individuals hits and the such).


This would be something like Slicex, or Recycle, or Phatmatik Pro - but, there's GOT to be something out there by now that is free that does the same basic thing. I don't care about crazy filters, or embedded step sequencers, etc. I just want a reliable slicer that does the above. Maybe that's unrealistic?


Anyway, if ya'll have any suggestions, I'm all ears. My DAW is Reaper (since it's essentially free and I love it). I know, I know, there are ways around this (Reaper now has some beat recognition/slicing capability - I could match file to tempo, slice, export slices to individual files, import into a sampler - but I'm LAZY).


Thanks in advance, interested to know what ya'll know!!!



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surprisingly besides the ones the original poster mentioned, there hasn't been much interest in the freeware or even commercial world about beat-slicing software. I would like to be wrong on this, but I haven't seen anything in the freeware arena as good as Recycle

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Thanks to the both!


Yeah, I did a ton of digging before I posted here - my sense is that this is (for some reason) and area that just has had little in the way of "free" softwares/vst's - or, at least, nothing has emerged as a clear, solid leader.


That being said, I did come across this: http://www.tx16wx.com/home


It's a bit convoluted to figure out how to use, but I'm slowly getting a handle on it. The thing does a great job of allowing drag/drop samples - and, once sliced, you can drag a midi file to your DAW directly. Which is, pretty much, exactly what I was looking for.


You need to tweak some things, though - there isn't necessarily (at least that I could find) something that timestretches the sample to adjust tempo - however, it does appear that, if you manually set the BPM to whatever your DAW is using, the slices (for the most part) seem to come out ok.


Finally - I did a bit of digging into Reaper - basically, like above, there is a pretty easy was of slicing samples in Reaper itself. Though, it's just as convoluted as anything above to get these samples exported as individual files/uploaded into a samples/get a midi file to play. Not "hard," but somewhat complicated and time consuming - but not terrible either.


Anyway, thanks to both, again - if anyone browses through this thread and has the same question I did, I'd definitely recommend checkingout the TX16WX link above. Seems to do the trick (with some careful thinking / mucking around needed to figure out how to use it).

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