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Warp: Warp X LuckyMe X SXSW 2014 Lineup


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The Warp X LuckyMe X SXSW event takes place on Wednesday 12th March at Empire Control Room & Garage. See the full line-up, alongside details of Flying Lotus' performance at the Mass Appeal and Grooveshark event, and download a new track from Jeremiah Jae.


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Warp - Records - Warp - Warp X LuckyMe X SXSW 2014 Lineup

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Yeah quite horrifying and sad. I was at a gig closer to the UT campus but man, I know that street well and have walked it many times, including during SXSW. Mohawk is one of my favorite venues in town.


6 people are still in the hospital, a couple in really critical shape. It's surreal seeing info come out on the suspect from social media accounts (he has a soundcloud with rap and beats he made).


Earlier I read he stole the car in Killeen, TX but relatives are saying he borrowed the car and was scheduled for one of the hundreds of unofficial shows going on.


Bit miffed by shitty and lame comments about the incident, but that goes with anything. It's certain to spark a lot of discussion over lack of public transit in Austin in Texas in general (City of Austin denied a ride-share app from being used.), police procedures, etc. Also the suspect is charged with 2 counts of capital murder (i.e. could be sentenced to death) based on the extent of the crime, circumstances and plethora of evidence/witnesses. There's been a string of high profile and controversial DUI/DWI cases involving deaths in Texas were privileged people got off with little or no time sentenced, so while the severe charges are totally warranted, this might be some landmark "make an example" case with the a punishment like life or execution. Regardless I hope the the legal case stays focused.


But yeah, total asshole ended two lives and ruined multiple others, all for some reckless and needless "escape."

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