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Jon Hopkins appreciation thread

Guest murphythecat8

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Guest murphythecat8

hi everyone, I just cant resist.

Ive discovered Jon's music with his immunity record last year, but after digging his discography, listened to his 4 amazing record, plus his couples of EP with a amazing ambient record, The Fourth State, listened to his 20 something remix, I have to say that Hopkins has now become one of my favorite artist of all time. I would not recommend to listen to his soundtrack album like Monsters or How I live now, while those are good, they are not why I love hopkins.


Everything he touch turn to gold imo and if you guys only know Immunity and liked it, you have to listen to Insides or Contact Note.


He has such amazing textures, his sound quality is outstanding and his composition skills are really impressive. The way his songs progress amazes me. Soooooooooooo good!!!!!


here's a couple of goodies!







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don't wanna hate but i got insides a few years ago, never wanted to check out more of john hopkins

sure his skills are great and the production is awesome but it gets old so fast and might i add that the album is cheesy as hell

it just doesn't do anything with me, sorry jon

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