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MIDI from audio recording?

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Anyone know a programme that can extract/deduce notes from an audio file? I'm doing a short film for someone and basically the shitcunts have done a terrible job at recording their piano score so I want to revoice it using my own samples. Re-recording isn't an option either unfortunately.


Have tried Ableton's MIDI extractor thingy in Live 9 but it's not very accurate at all.



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Did you switch the algorithm to polyphonic in Melodyne?

I already tried that but turns out my own stupidity didn't realise I hadn't activated the programme properly when I first installed it. Duh.


Sorry I couldn't be more help.

No no, you were. And if I had the time this would be a useful tool and I might use it in future. Sorry if I was curt, was in a crappy mood earlier when trying to sort this out.

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