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I'm new to this genre.


Enligthen me, enligthen others.


I liek.

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Been hearing this a lot recently. It's alright.

Yeah, not the best genre, but it's fun.


I'm curious for more music in this style.

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You can find a lot of tracks from this genre by typing 'shit.' in the youtube search query.

good shit

I actually like it.

It's so good.





definitely not trolling

I'm serious





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Huh. I get it but I don't much care for it. I guess it's called "boomswing" too?


This reminds me of some of the nice but odd theater club kids in high school who always went to swing dances and despite being musically apt in band tended to listen to really bad dance music they assumed was "techno" as they downloaded it from limewire/kazaa.


This band had a commercial in the states:



They seem to fit this genre:



Anyway, overly acid jazz / ninja tune turntablism stuff was about as much as I could tolerate.



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Also, I'm realizing the positive reaction in this thread is outside of America.


That makes sense, I think I'm really jaded about the sound because swing music had this annoying resurgence in the mid and late 90s in the U.S.


Maybe it started with this movie...



I also matched with the then trendy loose, beige, quasi-vintage aesthetics of the time:








bonus overlooked Weird Al parody of that






Mel Gibson: I blame the Internet. And the return of swing music



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Guest nene multiple assgasms

I guess in theory you should be able to do a successful uk garage/swing hybrid, but I don't guess I've ever heard one.

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