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Gaba Funk

Guest fiznuthian

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Guest fiznuthian

I made this ages ago.. even posted here. It's nothing new but I figure i'd post it again. Takes too long to get going..
Mix is pure shit, sounds are pure shit, but it's kinda funky and half way through and puts a smile on my face with the liquid squishy synths..





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Guest The Bro

Not bad. I liked the chords you used but they could have done with some reverb as oppose to being left dry. Also as you say the final mix could have been better. :-)

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nice tune! definitely digging that synth that comes in around 1:40 :music:


first half of the track has a nice progression to it, seems like maybe it loses a bit of direction half-way through though? agree with the other dudes that the chords could do with some extra love -- even just an evolving reverb or slight delay would add enough movement to it i think

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Guest fiznuthian

Cool, thanks for the feedback guys. Might start making some tunes again for the first time in a couple years. Will take the tips and run with it.
It's a shit tune with a couple gimmicks that i thought were pleasant.

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