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Future Islands (did Irony officially break?)

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Lol at some comments on here heheh


anyway I've just recently got this album and must say I really like it, the songs all seem like growers. good stuff.


I can understand why the IDM fan would hate this

which album did you get?


gikt agus

*holy shit



I like that song, I don't see the prob!

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Guest Chesney

Damn, I just spotted this thread and felt compelled to comment.



"How do we stand out guys? I know our music is a bit on the boring side so we need something to grab people"


"why don't you put more emotion into your performance man? you're a bit cold and calculated, people cannot connect to the lyrics when you're a robot"


"Oh, really? ok i'll give it a go"


"Yeah,hmmm, that's good but it's a bit napoleon Dynamite stageschool. Why not do a dance as well, something quirky to combat the lameness of your emotion"


"oh ok, what about this?"


"woah, this is amazing! it's like Ricky Gervais has had his heart ripped out by a co-worker not by having a relationship but by her not saying hello to you three mornings running. This is gold. I can see your pain, I feel your anguish, I connect with you on a animalistic level"


"Oh really?"


"yeah man, I love you"


"hey you two! Lesbian bass twunt and Where the wild things are! stop sucking each other off, I have another shit melancholie pad to show you I made on Reason"

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Singles was better than 95% of the albums I listened to in 2014. Just because it's not innovative, technically impressive, or complex-as-fuck doesn't make it 'boring'.


As I previously stated, the earlier material can get a little tiresome. It's not too bad when you listen to each track individually/out of context, but as albums, they're a bit of a drag. They use the same chord progressions a lot which bugs the hell out of me. I think their previous album was probably the first one I actually enjoyed, but they definitely hit the nail on the head with Singles. Seems they're getting a little more diverse with every release.

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crazy how when I first saw the video & heard the song I was like "WHat/ is going on, what is this. is this joke?"

now when I hear I cry evertim

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What's up with this band, right? I mean, why would anyone listen to that cheesy stuff? I only click on Youtube videos whenever they get recommended to me, only ironically, of course. For example this one:



Haha, now I even posted one of their videos on a message board. What a band...  :emotawesomepm9:

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lol I was likely hungover when I posted that so probably didn't get the irony


Well, I suppose that is quite fitting for a thread about irony being broken...  :happy: 

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Saw them live on Tuesday and tbh, it was one of the better live shows I've been to. 


They're super entertaining, sound was great, sold out show (1400). It was a lot of fun lol.


Can confirm, letterman style dance moves occurred.

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i'm surprised they still sell out


I was surprised it sold out here, there's not much of any scene here other than shitty trance or dubstep. They told us they have played over 1200 shows, apparently they do 160 live shows a year? That's a shit ton. 


Honestly though it was a good show, I would see them again. 

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Really loved Singles and their early albums; love their live shows as well, but fuck man, something has to change. The Far Field was such a disappointment for me as it was essentially the same album as Singles. I can't see them riding on the same schtick for too much longer.

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