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Trailer for David Michod's The Rover is finally out. Animal Kingdom got a lot of love on WATMM so thought it deserved its own thread. No youtube link yet but the trailer can be viewed on their official facebook page. They used the intro from Haxan Cloak's last album :emotawesomepm9:




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I saw this today at the filmfest. I loved it. word of warning though, this film does not hold your hand or help you indulge in any illusion as a viewer whatsoever. it is very stark and minimal. don't go into it expecting grand statements or exposition, otherwise you will find it lacking. it is an excellent portrayal of how things would play out irl, that is its main strength. very grounded and sober. also bleak and nihilistic and unforgiving as fuck.


David Michod is shaping up to be one of Australia's finest young directors. I rewatched Animal Kingdom today and it has aged well, enjoyed it even more.

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