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Swansea Love Story

Guest kxta

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This is a very trivial post but quite interesting if you've got some spare time I suppose.

I met Leo Leigh (son of writer and director Mike Leigh) at a party a while back and somehow got onto the subject of Aphex Twin.

He told me that whilst working on the documentary, Swansea Love Story, he had happened to meet and interview Richard James' dad who agreed to be in the film.

I watched it the other day and sure enough there's a guy who looks quite like Richard interviewed at about 6.45.

Its a pretty depressing watch to be honest but its gritty and quite funny at times. I guess its just a sad story of how some people live.

here's the link..



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Could make sense, he's mentioned his father working in the mining industry and that gentleman resembles the man in the pictures posted in the Caustic Window Compilation thread.


Some of the sounds that the machinery made in the video were similar to some sounds in Gwarek2, and RDJ has mentioned sampling sounds from the mines before...

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Guest jasondonervan

Pretty sure he said in an interview that he worked down a coal mine briefly when he was younger, but sacked it off...


Could be 'Rich truth' tho



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Haha Jason, you make the best shoops!


I remember reading something similar too: didn't he tell the story that he worked in the mines to finance his first synth? (and realized it was shite and decided to break it open and make his own?)

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it does look similar definitely but I'm pretty sure that his dad was a tin miner rather than coal. plenty of tin mines in cornwall. maybe the japanese titles got the wording wrong though.

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I don't know what is more sad.


That there are heroin users in the first place, or judging by the youtube comments, the general public only care about the female victims featured in the documentary. Like being born with a vagina somehow means your safety and well being is more important than if you were born without one.

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Sweet bump, dood.


'tis a classic doc anyway. Quotable as fuck. I live 30 mins away from Swansea but have probably only been there once or twice in the last 5 years. Used to go there often as a kid. Weird place, weird people, some beautiful views though.


and in keeping with the thread, I've been to the mining museum and had a tour off Derek. Definitely didn't realise he was Papa 'phex at the time.


edit: maybe it wasn't him, but it was definitely the same museum.

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