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6 hours ago, Rubin Farr said:



Enjoyed that, was good enough for me not to mind it being from Vice. Never heard of Todd Falcon before, interesting fellow. Some of those tricks are.. different. Just saw a thrasher video where they call him the 'Rodney Mullen of tricks that don't matter' 


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Anyone remember Skateboard Madness? It was a cheesy 70s skate film with a loose “plot” and featured a young Stacey Peralta. Most of it was forgettable, but the ending was a trippy Heavy Metal type animated sequence 


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On 6/26/2021 at 7:18 PM, cloud capture said:

this young man will probably be wearing gold for Japan this summer at the Olympics:


came to post this, gat damn! also pulls off the vx swag without being contrived

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Posted (edited)
On 6/19/2021 at 12:05 AM, cloud capture said:

Skating like that at the age of 57 is pretty amazing.

yeah i love his style. also, lol at giger repeatedly mentioning the guy's age like he has 1 foot in the grave. 

and yeah, yuto horigome is quite good, i thought of posting videos of him itt quite a few times but didn't do it for some reason.

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