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CHATMM - Volume 10: V​/​A Looked At The Data

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01. tiered distribution and remuneration model - total success pack
02. Tamagotchi San - Eco BOO$T Surgery 旅行 スペシアル
03. Smasm - We Tried To Look At The Data But There's So Much Vapor On This Wave That There Is Condensation On Our Glasses
04. VNCF - Sexcapades '95
05. Ness - For Jon D and Jimmy McShane
06. Social Media Platform - No Music
07. Mozzarella Stick - I'm Not Sing My Song To Share It
08. Magic Hour - up up and away
09. solo jazz cup - trulove2
10. Hello Spiral - Science Transforming Life ®
12. Radio 92 - 35 mph
13. Salaam Helicoid - Interest Free Credit™
14. Poblequadrat - Poor Delegation
15. Ness - Daryl, John, Mark, Rick and Olga hooking up for Bacardi and Coke
16. warrior and friend - lovelove funk and emotions faster edition
Theme: Vaporwave
Cover Art by: roasty
Music by: chim, Friendly Foil, DerWaschbar, NorthernFusion, Whoopdee, Tamagotchi San, sergeantk, hello spiral, triachus, gmanyo, poblequadrat
Edited by Friendly Foil
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Dat cover





Where's the obligatory supah rare 400$ cassette edition?


*queues up cassette deck*


PM me for details!





how about a 6 pack of fruitopia and a pair of used BK ratch techs?

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Guest M360

It brought me back to summers watching The Box on my 28-inch JVC tube tv, drinking sunkist, after a nice swim. +1 internetz

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This is really good, really dug every track on this. Love when music is exciting and experimental and interesting but still straight up enjoyable.

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CORN is my favorite rock band.



I'm still really sad that I couldn't do more than post old tracks that aren't very good. Fucking computer problems.

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