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Yes!! So excited for this. Black Up remains an absolute top quality album.


Listened to 'they come in gold' a few times over the last few days and it just keeps getting better. Lush instrumental, otherworldly shit as always.

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'they come in gold' sounds absolutely beautiful. will be curious to hear samples of the other songs but so far, this sounds very promising. didn't hear the previous album

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yeah this will be great! black up is one of my favorite albums in recent years.


they put on a great show too. saw them a couple months ago and the new material they played was really good, whet my apetite for this release.


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I never thought that I would find else somebody

Who never thought that there was fine someone as me


I'm pretty shocked by how subdued much of the rest of the album is compared to the first few tracks which were made available.

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i'm coming up

like donald duck

i set the tone like al capone

i make em dance just at a glance


I gave this album a nice loud listen today and was blown away once again. Some absolutely killer tracks.. Ishmael, Motion Sickness, CAKE, Forerunner Foray.. damn. And it flows nicely as an album. The only track Im not feelin is MindGlitch Keytar.. but its short and sounds like they were having fun at least.


I like how they're playing a sold out show at Berghain next month.. that would be something to see.

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