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Sons of Magdalene (New Josh Eustis 'Telefon Tel Aviv' project) - Move To Pain

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Josh Eustis, formerly of Telefon Tel Aviv, is finally putting out a solo-album of new material on June 24th called 'Move To Pain' on 'Audraglint Recordings'. Sounds like it will be a spiritual successor to 2009's 'Immolate Yourself' if the first released track is any indication:



There seems to be an upsurge of Newwave inspired music recently but this track has that extra something that clearly sets it apart. I am looking forward to this!

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Guest trananhhung

I think it's ok. Terrible track order. It starts with a pop hit which finishes with an ambient outro and track 2 pushes it even further into lethargic territory. Imagine a warm place coming after mr self destruct.


And a strange sound has very embarrassing lyrics.

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Josh Eustis wrote a top 20 list of his favourite tracks for 'Warmer Climes'. He really expounds emotionally and I recommend listening to the pieces he is talking about as you read it, if possible:



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