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Cyberpunk Lego City – Cyberpocalypse

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Dudes created a Bladerunner-like city in LEGO:






Main dude behind it does AWESOME LEGO stuff in addition to this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/carterbaldwin/

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Damn, that's dedication. My brother and I used to build spaceships and bases out of Lego as kids, but nowhere near as sophisticated as this.

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As impressive as it is, and it is really impressive, I can't help but remember how fucking expensive Lego pieces are

lol, yeah

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I'm actually sort of bummed to not be this guy.

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As impressive as it is, and it is really impressive, I can't help but remember how fucking expensive Lego pieces are

Sadly, yes - I think the formula LEGO uses is around .10USD per brick, so a 1000+ piece set will cost over 100USD.


Think about how many bricks this guy must have to build this and all his other creations...

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