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Guest brendyman

call me cynical but it looks like you just went through the ekt forum commenting on people's stuff to garner some interest for your own. at least that's what a quick glance at the recent posts button suggests. kind of looks bad when you do that.


I'll half-deny that; I did go through the EKT forum and comment because I posted something, but it certainly wasn't just so people would comment on my stuff. I did listen to everything I commented on, and all of my comments were genuine. I just have a habit of doing that because I don't want to be that douche who just dumps his stuff here and goes "listen to my stuff thxbye" just to boost his playcount. I would expect others to go through the recent posts and comment if they had posted something and they hadn't been active for a while, but I can see how it might look bad


Anyway, though, thanks for the feedback! I had one other person tell me the same thing about the vocals, so maybe I should've effected them up a bit (too late now, though, EP's already released, lol).

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