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Ableton Live, any sale expected?


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Doesn't Ableton usually do a spring sale on Live? I recently bought a Push from a friend and have been waiting to upgrade to Live 9 when they have a sale. I thought they normally did for Easter/Memorial Day weekends, but both have come and gone and no sale at all. Any rumors or people with better memories than mine who have any idea if I'm going to be waiting forever?

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Hey, I can dream...I just know as soon as I bite the bullet and purchase the upgrade to Live 9 Suite, they'll offer a sale the next weekend. Trying to avoid that.

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Yes, it does. I bought an upgrade (from an ancient version of ableton lite) on sale, if you got some old gear that is bundled with ableton lite you can upgrade from that to one of the other versions with a pretty hefty price reduction at times.

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Was thinking about buying Ableton, but I just lost $270 from getting my car towed. Don't feel like spending much money now. Can Ableton do some good deeds and give artists Ableton for free or super cheap?

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