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    • By Braintree
      So with all of the streaming going on, I've been looking to up my video skills. I found a decent Max for Live video plugin that should work fairly well.
      Is there any way of getting video output from Ableton Live? Specifically, out of Live and into OBS?
    • By J3FF3R00
      Yesterday, I was entertaining myself, while in quarantine, by re-creating the plot of my favorite film using ONLY emojis.
      Today, I thought "Wouldn't it be fun if we did a guessing game, similar to the "guess the movie still" thread.
      I went deep trying to go into as much detail as possible with mine, to kick things off. 
      If you can, try to challenge yourself to do the same. Also, I'm using Size 36 font with the emojis so it's easier to read. 
      Game on!!!
      ????????‍??????????????????????‍♀️?‍♂️??⛓?? ????????????????????????❌⭕️??????‍??‍♂️✈️????????????‍♀️????
    • By Joyrex
      Since the old thread got too long and took ages to load, we continue forth (think of it as a sequel, to use a movie metaphor).
    • By Joyrex
      Colossal shares some behind-the scenes making Meg Meyers' video for the Kate Bush song, "Running Up That Hill":
    • By Joyrex
      Kraftwerk in 1970, one of their first recorded live shows:

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