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Hello Spiral Mixtape Vol.1: The Light Cord Is Not Your Wet Hair

hello spiral

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A mixture of pleasing sounds and tones to take you into some odd places.

David Grubbs: Crevasse
Dreams Of Tall Buildings: Education/Shield & Sink
Peter Blegvad: Irma
Main: Mirror II
SCHH: Glidepath
Philosophers Stone: Where Regrets End
David Grubbs: First Salutation
Christian Marclay & Otomo Yoshihide: Hyoushi
Tuxedomoon: Lop Lop's People
Oval: Standard Audio Frontend
Suzie Adams: Nostradamus
Asmus Tietchens: Park Und Guter Morgen
Ann Morris: Machlud
Erik Satie: Air De L'Ordre
Nurse With Wound & Aranos: Generally Regarded as Safe
Andrew Liles: The Captain's Apprentice
Jacques Beloeil: Untitled (The Bath Of Stars track 3)

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Compliment accepted.




Also, some of my fave music is background music for stuff like doing the washing up on a Sunday morning. Belle & Sebastian's Tigermilk comes to mind.

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yeah it was great to put this on with no one else home, turn it up a little, and do some packing for the upcoming move. had the windows open and could hear birds and other city noises intermingling with the tunes...lovely.

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