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low end sounds great although I am listening thru my iMac speakers.. I really like the progression at the 1:34 mark. If anything I think the the high end keys at 2:19 and after could use a bit of filter. Personally I think the background chord progression is awesome from the 1:34 - 2:03 mark and picks back up at 2:34 - 3:04 and 4:49 to 5:19. but Im not really liking the high notes that I'm hearing in between and after these parts (2:04 - 2:33, 3:04 - 3:33, 4:19 - 4:49) where the background melody drops out. I really think the track could shine without these high keys, or with a different synth tone and maybe a bit more of a background supporting melody. I enjoyed listening, thanks

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