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Guest LucidVibes

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Guest LucidVibes

I Love it when you get an insight to work on a piece of music you started years ago and actually make it listenable in the form of a track.
Organic Strawberry/Pear/Apple/Banana smoothie + High Grade = Natural Focused Creative Expression. :)

Started this originally in 2012 and I just had an insight to work on it (on impulse) and It flowed through me easily. I will probably add to it further when the time is right. It's been quite a while since I uploaded anything, this is just a lil taster. I have more music currently in progress that I've been busy working at for these last few months!


Oh and I have sampled and used my own RECORDINGS of rain, wind and BIRD CALLS from around my own garden/around the woods!
I just had to record them when I heard how Cool the birdcalls sounded...

Thanks for listening and any feedback is welcome...



Cheers y'all


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it's so cleeeeannnn. Sounds like a spring rain

The way it keeps start/stopping & briefly introducing new elements is nice, too. Keeps it interesting. You got anything up for download?

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Guest LucidVibes

Hey Cryptowen. Thanks for that bit of feedback, I appreciate it!

Yes I can give you some of my tracks to download :) Sure... I have some new material that is almost completed and ready to be uploaded,which I am very excited about people hearing! ... and also I have some updated versions to be done of my current tracks, remixes and mixes of my music in the works, as well.

(I intened to update this track us well, just a few touch ups and changes here and there) .

If you are on soundcloud, Follow me on there if you want to, I will follow you back, and message you when new tracks are there and I'll set them to download.


Also anyone interested in my music world ilLucidvibes ... can add me on facebook, (Edi Bowmer) or drop me a brief email: edbowmer@gmail.com and I can send you my new tracks in the near future as well.

I hope to be able to make some money with my music someday, and I am almost ready to start doing that after nearly 10 years of making music. But I like giving people things for 'free' aswell ...

Cheers fams

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