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Industrial mix by Scanner (featuring an unreleased demo by Coil)


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One for John Ehrlichman I reckon !



Tracklisting -


Test Dept - Fall from Light

Zoviet France - Mohnomishe

23 Skidoo - Cut Up Interviews

Cabaret Voltaire- Western Mantra

Throbbing Gristle - Catholic Sex

Last Few Days - Solemn Warnings

Nurse With Wound - I Cannot Feel You As The Dogs Are Laughing And I Am Blind

Zev - Cold Roll

Non - Out Out

Boyd Rice & Frank Tovey - Extraction 1

Clock DVA - Antipathy

23 Skidoo - Cut Up Interviews

Severed Heads - American

Coil & Scanner - B Unreleased demo

Carter Tutti - Coolicon

Dau Al Set - Strange Pain Credit

SPK - Berufsverbot

Einsturzende Neubauten - Sehnsucht

Laibach - Nova Akropola

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two very cool artists together. nice one. I really like Coil and Scanner's stuff. will have to try and sniff out if they have any other unreleased demos hangin around thanks for sharing

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