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custom dynamic eq test #52389


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https://soundcloud.com/supergrandmatales324/stromboli dry


https://soundcloud.com/supergrandmatales324/stromboli-another-dynamic-eq-test wet


a little muffled but hopefully it sounds dense and sits in the mix well? it's my own custom eq/mod but I'm still figuring out how it works ironically. Like the mix percent can go to any amount you want like 10000% or something, I do that with a very low ratio/very soft knee and the mix sort of exaggerates the dip in gain? I'm also actually slightly *downsampling* the compression (between every 1 and 2 samples, like every 1.6 samples) because I think it feels warmer/less harsh that way?


I dunno this has been my project for a while. It's supposed to sound sort of hazy/muddy maybe but with the benefit of sounding denser I'm hoping. I don't have super audiophile monitors or anything, if someone with such could give their opinion


also if you have a subwoofer please comment on how it sounds on them


edit: enabled download

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