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Not a 'creation' per se, but interesting video


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I thought it would be interesting to make a video of me as I tweak certain things in a loop of one my tracks.

It may seem boring but the changes are subtle and gradual and my somniferous face is something. Try watching it at .5 speed.

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    • By andihow
      We've all heard the rumors.
      We all wish it hadn't been Hudson Mohawke.
      Was Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares an extra in the series? Let's settle this right here and right now.
      Is this the same man:

      Feel free to post other evidence to argue your point.
    • By dr lopez
      am i right in thinking that there are only three VHS tracks released that didn't appear on his albums or EPs? And then there are two remixes


      and then the julia taxi remix:

      and the polysex one:
      they are all great tracks (save maybe the last one)
      any others lurking out there? 
    • By Salvatorin
      I have been recording my weekly mixes I do for my college radio station.
      Tonight I had fun playing short tracks back to back.
      Played some music made by wattmers...
      (such as Kyriakos Iaonnou, MRX, Owen Gilbride, & No Pomo)

      broadcast and the focus group - what i saw
      clark - dew on the mouth
      neu! - vier 1/2
      xela - sinking cadavers
      infinity frequencies - mist
      hype williams - dragon stout
      kyriakos ioannou - lay them on the playground
      mrx - themee
      kyriakos ioannou - holding the sun
      boards of canada - house of abin'adab
      koji kondo - ghost attack
      infinity frequencies - portals
      aardvarck - ge-vat loop & biet niet
      oneohtrix point never - grief and repetition
      no pomo - ◖◖◖◖PORT◗◗◗◗
      garon blodgett - no one is free
      infinity frequencies - ghosts
      onohetrix point never - behind the bank
      owen gilbride - cosine
      owen gilbride - oo-pad-g
      boards of canada - uritual
      autechre - notwo
      angelo badalamenti - laura palmer's theme
      boards of canada - from one source all things depend
    • By Salvatorin
      I am not mastering master. And I'm having lots of trouble getting drum tracks to not clip, bu still have bite, yaknow?
      Some of the levels on this recording went way off,,,,
      Anyhow this is more or less going to be a taste for my first album.
      lots of crunhy fm symths
      I know I don't contribute anything to YLC but I know thre are a few of you our there who like hearing my trax.
    • By Salvatorin
      I had a lot of trouble getting this to work! Because of the thumping bass drum noise was clipping way over the limit, but then the chords would drown it out. What I ended up doing was creating three different mixdowns, one with a focus on the crispy "drum" sounds, the other more on the chords, and the third on the bass frequencies. Then sort of upping the ideal parts of each I got this. But I felt ever in danger of clipping! I used a compressor mostly as a limiter but I really don't understand compressors. Every time I use them they pump up all the wrong things.
      What do you think? All my music these days sounds super quiet on most speakers because i don't really use compressors. But I like there to be dramatic dynamic variation with the track.
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