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Lackluster - Moments LP


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While there is no actual writeup for this album,

it received one very fun review recently:


"Moody blue and dreamy ambient IDM return from Finland’s Lackluster"
“You can define this EP as the soundtrack to a funeral, in a world where death does not have to be something sad.”
"Se puede definir este EP como la banda sonora de un funeral, en un mundo donde la muerte no tiene por que ser algo triste."
-Buenos Aliens


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Thanks for linking LacklusterOfficial on the second track. That Cart Etak is also available via LacklusterOfficial ( http://lackluster.org/youtube ).


A new album? Well, I released Moments Lp, and Lexicon of Goods Lp, and Merck Package Lp. and Swansong Ep on Kahvi (kahvi#354) :)

Now working on deFocus Package, possibly with extra previously-unreleased remixes such as 3 from Sense and 1 from Vim.

Great tracks, especially Orbiter1!


Thanks for posting


Thanks man! I really miss the E-Mu Orbit V2 sometimes :))


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