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MDUW minimal/ambient jam


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Guest brendyman

Just got the UW, did a track:


I feel like the kick doesn't fit well in the beginning, it sounds really out of place. But once you get to the 2-3 minute mark it fits in way better. I think you should figure out a way to ease the kick up to that powerful volume instead of just dropping it right at the beginning, the track would probably be way more effective that way.

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Thanks, would try it but too late now I'm afraid. Swiped the memory when the unit turned off.


Is it just the first 10 seconds (ie the intro) that sounds out of place or do you mean the whole first section (which ends at about 1:27)? The intro is supposed to feel off beat and then the main kick is supposed to bring the whole thing together. That was my intention anyway haha :)

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yea I've got to agree with the Kick drum point, doesn't really sit right until it comes back in a 1:42...and it might be a bit too 'low'/bass'e for my tastes, not enough click/snap to it - but as the song progresses it does start to sit better

sounds a bit like early Daft Punk, which is always a good thing

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