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Wavepot - Digital Audio Composition In The Browser


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Cool! Is the the wavepot site written in Java?

Not sure - JavaSCRIPT perhaps, but not Java - no applets loading, etc.


They've almost reached their 2000$ funding goal for new features - you can pledge in Bitcoin, PayPal or Dogecoin

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Wavepot is pretty interesting. - What arguments/commands can I use?

It's Javascript.

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nope, did that.


Replaced the sine code with that code:




Replaced all the welcome message too so that line 1 started with the 'function' bit:



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Hmm, you sure you've copied the whole one line code including the important final '}' character? Looks like if there's an error in the script it just plays the previous bit of compiled code (i.e. that sine wave)

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