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Woodbines & Spiders - W & S


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Long in-the-making collab between Ghost Box affiliates Jon Brooks and Ian Hodgson, aka The Advisory Circle and Moon Wiring Club. Limited Edition vinyl pressing with printed inners, comes with a download code redeemable from the label. Distressed library record electro, creeped-out drones, snatches of dialogue, VHS static & hiss, doomy found-sounds...a crumbling haunted house of dissolving BBC Radiophonic noise.





not sure how i'm feeling about this one tbh. i like jon brooks (a lot) but i'm somewhat indifferent to moon wiring club. together, they make quite an unlikely duo that seem to be pulling from opposite ends of the spectrum; so i find the music on this release a little off: like it's trying to do 2 different things at the same time (and not in a good way).

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I really love the stuff by MWC, but this left me cold for some reason. His solo stuff is amazing, and his 7inch on GB was a real treasure, but do not know about this one. I am sure a lot of effort went into it, but I am happy I haven't bought it blindly as planned.

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