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Koolmorf Widesen

Guest tonfarben

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Guest tonfarben

Has anybody here ever talked about this guy?


Koolmorf Widesen is Leonardo Barbadoro, eletronic music producer from 2002.
His music is a personal mixture ofexperimental electronics, acid, idm, electroacoustic music and jungle.
He released 2 albums, 2 eps and a bounce of tracks in some compilations.
All his release are availabe on his bandcamp-website.


the inspiration for his compositions is quite obvious. Nevertheless, Some tracks are pretty cool, I think. I don´t care if it is so called "copycat", simply because there are not enough people producing tracks in the style of Aphex Twin´s most elaborated album drukqs. I like this style of music. OK, he is not as good as Richard, but still, fresh listening imho. :-)


Or did I just miss something and you all talked about these releases in and out?


Oh, erm link! Here: http://koolmorfwidesen.bandcamp.com

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Guest tonfarben

Ouch! Didn´t hear these parallels. I´d say blatant rip. But what does it tell me? Exactly, I should dust off the hangable autobulb ep and give it more listens! ….everyyyydayyyy….

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hi, it's me Koolmorf :)

thanks Tonfarben

i always thought that track was more Squarepusher inspired, i never thought about hangable autobulb but i can see the parallel, especially because of the eighths bass synth notes

those tracks are really old though (covers artworks look horrible too)
I have a new EP coming up in 2 weeks finally, after 5 years of waiting for various reasons. here a preview if you want to check:

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