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June 2014 - "New Shit Is Imminent" - Richard D. James


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Based on a recent conversation I had with Richard, he says "new shit is imminent" - a new release is due soon. Let's speculate, dream, wish, beg, etc. - and hopefully this thread will be unpinned in short order and replaced with a "Aphex Twin - XXXXXX" release thread!

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I'm hoping for Metz- Singapore- and Manchester track-like stuff. I hope he's done with the acid stuff. I think he closed that topic off with the Analord series, which I am more than grateful for.

Also some ambient shit, like SAW 2 style, would be great.

Damn, just thinking about how his style must have developed by now makes me super excited. :yeah:

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Guest Phonejack

Not even kidding, I seriously thought this morning "what if today is the day" and then laughed at myself.



I expect a $100 check in the mail for altering the future, thanks.

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