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Advance Music Production Suite


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Just stumpled over this on the Akaipro website..


Advance Music Production Suite is a comprehensive collection of industry-leading software for creating, mixing, and mastering your music. It's $5,000 of software on a 500GB hard drive, plus exclusive access to over $1,000 in hardware discounts.

  • Over 70 cutting-edge, full version titles
  • Virtual instruments, FX, samples and more
  • 20,000+ instrument, patch and sample sounds
  • Tutorials, training and collaboration tools



Goes for $599.00

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Interesting. Wave Arts FinalPlug is AWESOME and my limiter of choice. I also think FabFilter plugs are great. Not sure about the other stuff though. Back when I had PT I used some of the AIR instruments and I thought they were only ok. Cool that you get Renaissance Channel though! I wonder if you have to install all the DRM gunk for all these plugins or if they are authorized some other way?

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