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Ryuichi Sakamoto diagnosed with cancer


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62-year-old world-renowned composer is completely suspending his musical performances, so he can devote himself to the treatment of mesopharyngeal carcinoma in New York. His record company Avex made the announcement on Thursday.
The New York resident began feeling something unusual in his throat and underwent an examination in early June. He was diagnosed with mesopharyngeal carcinoma in early July. The pharynx runs from the nasal passage to the esophagus, and it conducts both food and air.
Pharyngeal carcinoma has been deeply linked with cigarette smoking, and Sakamoto had been a long-time habitual smoker. However, he previously revealed that he had begun feeling chest pains, and so he successfully quit smoking nine years ago through acupuncture. Since then, he has not smoked one cigarette.

As a big fan of YMO and some of the soundtrack work he's done (I love the Tony Takitani OST), this is a bummer. I hope he makes it through OK. :/


edit: English statement from Sakamoto's website: http://sitesakamoto.com/images/top/message20140710-02.svg

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Just saw this a few minutes ago. Heartbroken... Ryuichi is pretty much my all time favorite composer and one of my major influences and music idols /:


Really hope he beats this... sending positive energy and vibes!



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