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Some old shit - Aerolith


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i made this around 1948 just after WW2. Inspired by the bombings and planes overhead using old radio electronics found in abandoned spy centres that i renamed vaz modular as this is what the sounds felt like. my nan had just been shot but in general the overall mood was lifting.

buntings and street parties were just kicking off and i played this at a party in one of the only surviving ballrooms left standing in London Town.

As electronic music hadn't really taken off then they classed this as extreme big band music. my name back then was Walter & The Twits. i was famous back then for being the first band to perform wearing a t shirt




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Reminds me more of a broken furby on acid.

I like the dark mathematical sound of it, but I would have preferred a transition to a more melodic part, or perhaps a little more space in the melody.

The drums are kick-ass. Love that radio-ish sound that starts at 0:40 and the glitchy fade-out sounds pretty cool as well.

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thanks man, yeah totally agree with you, it definatly could be re-done better. if i still had any of the files i would certainly like to re do it better

thanks for your comment :)

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