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Let's start making WATMM podcast

Amen Lare

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Last year Joyrex approved it up to hosting it on the site.


The idea is that it will make the creative side of WATMM more visible and organized. If it goes well, we'll invite featured artists for a mix or two through Joyrex's channels, right?


I suggest you volunteer here for what you're willing to do - DJ mix, compilation of own stuff, some kind of talk show, music selection with commentary etc.


Also we'll need a designer and maybe a fucking copywriter to right some shit? Jingles welcome, too.


I'm not the best choice for a curator, i'm not even that good at ingrish langu, so you can push yourself to become one if you wish. In order for this to work, a curator will decide on who's doing an episode next and collect stuff, then put it out there.


We just need to begin doing anything, then things will take more rigid form if needed.

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Into it.

I think it would be cool for 2+ people to get together & sperg out about music on mic, play some trax, talk shop, etc


Over skype or something?

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Over skype or something?

Yeah that might work. What you'd want is something that allows for


-mic convo

-playing internal audio (so you don't have to room record tracks playing over the mic)

-text convo (for sharing technical messages, if broadcasting live)

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