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Cheerz re your nice words on those new ones.
Can't believe you worked out who I am straight away, I tried hard not to leave clues.

Will post more deets about the ep when I get them - it's a few months off yet.
In the meantime checkout my album from 2004 which I personally think was slept on by critics and the record buying public alike.


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lolz. was pretty obvious to me tbh, there's something to your music which I directly associate with high end quality $$$ comedy. Must be sometimes hard to stand being so much talented both with acting and braindance making... Congrats

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:( a lot of these songs are missing but i really liked the 24 minute colours......... my favorite kind of "ambient" music is like this, where its not so static but more like a very long, very slow structured song. post more music!

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Guest gigasturtz

i like the newer stuff on here than the original track. seemed like the first one dragged a little bit towards the end. the newer stuff seems to have a bit more in the way of dynamic changes.

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