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Plaid – Live Sprout Session (08.07.14)


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Noice! Listening now, thanks!


Man, peeps go on about unreleased Aphex but I'm definitely more excited whenever I hear unreleased Plaid tracks. Although I do love Aphex, course.

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Listening to this pretty obsessively, the production is just right for the soft Reachy Prints tracks. I hope they release those soft techno tunes from around 18 minutes onwards! And I mean in a different form than this, say vinyl!

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here s the tracklist as i can figure:


00:00 into/interview

03:05 unknown
10:11 wallet (reachy prints, also on hope soundtrack)

14:31 elevator (enhanced version of track 4 from hope soundtrack that was never released)

19:51 his-hell remix (from the compilation album "touched" for macmillan cancer support)

24:54 unknown ( i dont know)

29:56 OH! i know this one!

35:23 hui (track that means dick in Russian and Bulgarian) from the album for doctors without borders

40:19 away (reachy prints japanese bonus track)

48:58 nafovanny

54:16 tether

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