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Post the most "inaccessible" music you can think of


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Guest Barung

Anything shitwank records released, I love their stuff


Can't find this cd/cassette :C


http s://www. youtube. com/watch?v=vA kycQstYYU - nsfw picture

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my go to answer




on the opposite end of the inaccessible spectrum



now for me personally, something like this is more of a earhole cleaner, but like in a way that makes you remember why you listen to music beyond shallow pop



bonus: in b4 ivan ooze...(edit: spoiler - quasi-nsfw vid images)






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NSFW (!)


http ://www. youtube. com/watch?v=jfO BIdL05ts&feature=player_detailpage nsfw gore picture





edit: lol at joshuatx

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This band is known for one of their members secretly sneaking out very deranged mental patients out of the hospital he worked for, just to record their screams. One of those patients tried to kill one of the bandmembers during a recording. They used it on a track. Not sure if its this one tho.



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lol Ivan post some more torsofuck lyrics for us, would ya de

here's a baphtub shitter one for ya :watmm:


Countless Tributaries Of A River

Where Is It Going ?

I Drink And Thinking About It

But Really Need Snack

And My Blood Vessel Wants Beer

Why Am I Drinking ?

Repeat It And Thinking Again

And Really Need A Snack

Parched Ground Wants Rain

My Body Needs Alot Of Beer In Summer

What Is Temperance ?

What Is Riotous ?

What Is Good Behavior Of Beer ?

And Autumn Comes To Call The Harvest Season

I'll Know

My Blood Vessel Is Going To The Intestines

To Make Sausage

Drink And Eat

Sausage For Souse

In Toilet

Drink In Congratulation Every Morning

Sober Lifes Will Stop My Bowels

Sottish Vision Will Make Nice Dish


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Guest Barung

passenger of shit is my true god

If only I had the money to go to Australia to see him live (and buy all kinds of shitwank stuff from his shop) :c

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