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One of my favourite songs, but...this doesn't really seem like music for a celebratory meal. It sounds like a pasta meal for the end of times.





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    • By KovalainenFanBoy
      I've wanted to go through planet mu's catalogue for a while so I've come up with this: twice a week, say mondays and fridays, I'll be posting an album from planet mu, and anyone who so wants to listens to it, and shares thoughts. I think twice a week is a reasonable rate - one for the work days and one for the weekend. I'll be doing it chronologically using this handy dandy list of releases: https://planet.mu/releases/
      tomorrow i'll be starting with tango'n'vectif, and from there we'll go through the breakcore, dubstep, footwork eras, with all sorts of weird stuff inbetween. Personally i'll be using spotify since i paid for premium like a fuckin moron, but I'll be posting spotify / bleepstore / whatever links for your convenience. Ain't that nice
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Awwwwwwwww...... Yeah!
    • Guest
      By Guest
      "Also, I’ve given two very different EPs of my archive tracks to the labels Analogical Force and Furthur Electronix."
    • Guest
      By Guest
      I found this discography list of mu-ziq last year, and it included some unreleased mu-ziq projects, like these two:
      -New York Cheddar
      Planet m 12"/CD)
      -Yoghurt&Green onions
      Planet m (12"/CD)
      When I asked him about it on SC, He responded saying something like: "HaHa! Yeah that must be part of the -patato chips flavoured- series" hahaha!?!???
      Does anyone here have any more info about these planed releases ??? Bambi? ???
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Showing of ur Mu-ziq vinyl collection :D
      Hi there!
      I,ve been wondering if there is anyone on here who ownes EVERY Mu-ziq release out there?
      This is a thread for u people to show off ur collections to other WATMMerneers (i could not find a thread already dedacated tho this)
      I,ll start off by showing u mine!??????
      P.s This i my 2nd post on here(: I,ve been obsessed with AFX, Mu-ziq and other RepLeX artist since i was 11 years old (it was a lonely youth for me;)
      I,ve been reading all ur posts on here for a few years now. And would like to thank u all for keeping me informed and making mee laugh with all ur stupid banter ??‍♂️? I hope i can make some interesting confo with u in the future!
      Love, DJ Latte xxx
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