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Scrase - Heart / Another EPs

Guest Deco Balcony

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Guest Deco Balcony

Was on the hunt for a bit of fresh Monolith material and found on this release that has seemed to have gone under the radar a bit:




'Providing a state-of-the-art rejuvenation of 90s ambient house, the 'Heart' EP (the first in a 2-part 'set' of records) serves as a fluent example of the lighter side of Greg Scrase's previously little-known, but masterfully honed craft – here paying homage to the past greats of electronica, drawing together different threads of influence and applying them to his own colourful sonic palette. The 12” contains 3 exquisite original tracks that bubble and grow with a vibrant analogue charm, imbued with Scrase's house-ier tendencies and melodic capabilities - backed-up by a very special remix of 'Flyover' from like-minded acid aficionado Dave Monolith (under the moniker MNLTH).'


Some really nice sounding melodies - there's a second release that seems to be coming out on the same day too, the Perc tunes sound pretty fresh - hadn't come across this chap's tracks before but I'm really liking! Will probably get these when I have a bit more moneys



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Guest Deco Balcony



Oh cool, I see he's playing at your night - is it in London?


Will probably come down if its not too far from me

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  • 2 weeks later...

UPDATE: Scrase contacted me today and said we are in for a very special set indeed with a mixture of his own material and maybe some interesting hardware...

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