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Weekly Bass Music & IDM/Electronica Radio Show On RWD.FM


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Hello WATMM. I got a new radio slot over at RWD.FM. Every Friday afternoon (2-4pm EST time) I will be playing a mixture of tunes in a variety of genres. IDM/ambient/electronica will be quite present in the tracklists, and the DJ mix/EDM segments will stay techy & heady.


This graphic shows the broadcast time in a variety of time zones:



Below is the pilot episode that I submitted to the station to procure the show:



Hope you decide to check it out! There's a chatroom to talk shit while the show is on air.


Archives downloads & tracklists here.


Here's the archive for the first episode, aired last Friday...





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Stopped that around Fall 2012. Got laid off & had to sell the gear to pay for food/rent (ended up getting evicted anyway :cat: ).


Now I'm back in action tho and ready to throw down! My production & DJ skills have increased by orders of magnitude since then, in addition to me now getting dubs from producers I really respect, so this show is going to be considerably better than any of my Sub FM sets. :music:

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I'm slowly but surely transitioning this show to be more IDM/electronica and less EDM focused (there's already more than enough samey EDM radio out there). I'm still going to rep bassweight tunes hard, but I feel that stuff's place is more in the club/rave with a soundsystem, while ambient or IDM is more appropriate to internet radio. This week's ep will go hard on the iddumz.


I encourage any producers on this board to send me tunes for inclusion. If I like them, I'll play them. Plain & simple.


If you'd like me to play your tunes on air please send .wav links to:

vaxbeatsmith [at] gmail


Please structure filenames like so:

Artist - Track Title - [Label]

...so I can give credit where credit is due! Put "unreleased" in the [label] section if the tune's not out on a label, "free download" if you put it up as a free DL on Soundcloud or Mediafire or something, or "Bandcamp" if it's available on BC.


Cheers, and big up anyone from this board who's been tuning in thus far!

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Just a heads up, all the archives of the show (which is still ongoing) are now hosted on Mixcloud:




I decided to not have the episodes available for download anymore (streaming only)** because of how much unreleased material is getting played on the show. Also Mixcloud's charting system greatly increases visibility of the show as opposed to just hosting the archives on some random Tumblr page. The 2 newer episodes I've posted since switching to Mixcloud have already charted on the dubstep, electronica, & IDM charts (reaching 9th & 10th on the IDM charts!) so that's exciting.


I hope some of you catch the show live if you can, because we have a lot of fun in the chatroom and it's always a pleasure sharing obscure & fresh unreleased music with people in a live setting. Hopefully my other posts on this board arguing about sexism in the gaming industry or calling Syro 'mediocre' don't dissuade anyone from tuning in... :emotawesomepm9:


Since I can't go back and edit the posts in this thread that are now riddled with broken links (because WATMM is awesome like that), I'm just gonna let this thread die after this post.


**As a consolation for the listeners who might be upset that the archive podcasts are no longer downloadable, I will be uploading some downloadable 320kbps mixes to my Soundcloud this week. I will also have a dub-filled 192kbps, watermarked mix going up on FatKidOnFire blog sometime in the next few weeks. Watch this space for the downloads when they're available: http://soundcloud.com/vaxxn


Big ups!

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Pop in the chatroom when it's live and ask for ID's!


I can't post tracklists on Mixcloud because, if you put more than 3 tracks of the same artist in a row (which I often do for my own tracks), Mixcloud disables streaming in the USA (even though I obviously own copyright on my own unreleased material). :huh:

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Yea, I've thought about that. Ultimately I still like not tracklisting for other reasons as well. For one, I don't have to listen back through hours of the show to make tracklists, and also, since a large chunk of my audience are DJs, not doing tracklists makes it hard for them to just hop on a pirate site and Carlos Mencia my whole crate (since I pay for my tunes and have spent years building my collection).


If there's any tunes that you're absolutely dying to know what they are, though, post the timestamp & episode number and I'll let you know the ID.

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