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i just thought i'd plop these here as i only come on here once in a blue moon (apparently that moon was yesterday)


Here are some new releases that are available to download, we'll come to whats coming out in the future at the bottom of the page..


first. my last 12'' for mathematics. Slam the box is now out. i never got my share of the vinyl so i don't know how that sounds.. so this is a ''directors cut'' remastered version with a bonus track!!








second up is my 'summer' ep. inspired by the sounds of roule & crydamour and all that good 90's filter house stuff. everything in this album is sampled apart from a few synth bits and drum programming. i had the most fun making this! (sample recognition is in the metadata)









Also i have just finished 2 12'' EP's which are coming out on 2 diffrent labels around sep/october time. i can't say what labels yet. but they are very good, and have released some mega good music, and i am stoked to be releasing on their label! :emotawesomepm9:





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