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    • Final Fantasy (Franchise)
    • Unreal Tournament (Franchise)
  2. 2. 2

    • Street Fighter II (Game, all versions)
    • NES Game Themes
  3. 3. 3

    • Super Mario (Franchise)
    • F-Zero (Franchise)
  4. 4. 4

    • The Legend Of Zelda (Franchise)
    • Megaman (Franchise)
  5. 5. 5

    • Streets Of Rage (Franchise)
    • Role-Playing Game Themes
  6. 6. 6

    • Chrono Trigger (Game)
    • Donkey Kong Country (Franchise)
  7. 7. 7

    • Boss Battle Themes
    • Yuzo Koshiro Compositions
  8. 8. 8

    • Commodore 64/Amiga Themes
    • Deus Ex (Franchise)
  9. 9. 9

    • Sonic The Hedgehog (Franchise)
    • Classic Arcade Game Themes

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Alright, the first round of Bracketology begins!


The basic idea of this project is to focus WATMM's considerable musical talents upon a Video Game-related topic: be it a specific game, franchise, genre, console etc. Voting in Round 1 whittled the topic choices from 33 to 18.


Please continue voting for your favourites and don't be afraid to post tracks in the topic to support your choice(s)! For instance, one of the top-seeds from the past round was 'Deus Ex' which I have never played or heard the music of, so I for one would appreciate people posting some of their favourite tracks from the game(s). Now...


vote-for-2013-fitness-blogs.jpg :)

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I still can't get over that I'm 100% with the popular opinion on every category this time around. Does this make me the lowest common denominator?


Same fucking thing here! WTF lol

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    • By Goiter Sanchez
      And the winner of the poll is: BOSS BATTLE THEMES
      So, as with other WATMM music projects this is a call-out to all producers/composers/musicians on WATMM and beyond interested in contributing. The theme of this album is 'Video Game Boss Battle Themes' which are often characterized as being grandiose, foreboding, intense, etc: an ambient album this will NOT be (though you can do an ambient interpretation if you want)! Mini-Boss themes work as well: pretty much any confrontation with a powerful enemy where the music changes to suit the situation!
      There is such a tremendous pool of amazing material to cover and/or remix for this project! That being said I am not adverse to original compositions so long as they would sound suitable during a 'Boss Battle' of sorts. Also, feel free to submit as many tracks as you'd like!
      So, here are the important rules:
      1 - Due date for submitted tracks was November 1st, but I want to get more submissions in without people feeling too pressured so it's now JANUARY 15th, 2015!
      2 - Submit your completed track(s) to [email protected] using a file sharing service like WeTransfer, Mediafire, etc.
      3 - Submit your track(s) in a lossless format such as WAV or FLAC. Do NOT add a huge amount of compression (unless this is the effect you are trying to achieve) or otherwise attempt to master your track as all the tracks will be mastered for the album so as to have a more cohesive sound/volume. In your final mixdown please try to leave at 1-2dB of headroom.
      4 - Album will, at the very least, be a free release on Bandcamp. If there is sufficient interest I may look into a physical pressing, but we shall have to see how this goes.
      In the spirit of WATMM's Xmas comps all submissions will likely make it onto the final album unless I get a ridiculous # of them and then we may have to whittle the # down a tad to keep to a reasonable playtime.
      In order to avoid a situation in which everyone makes covers of the same track (e.g, a 15 track album of covers of SMB 3's Boom Boom Theme) feel free to post in this topic with regard to the theme you'd like to cover, that way people will not all chose the same ones hopefully.
      Alright, I am very excited to hear what you all come up with!

    • By Goiter Sanchez
      The Semi-Final round is here. All Four topics would yield amazing material for remixing/covering, but there can be only one and you must choose!
      This project exists to focus WATMM's musical talents toward a video-game related topic. The original thirtysomething topics have been whittled down to the four you see in the poll through community voting.
      So, get voting and support your favourite(s) by posting tracks in the thread, etc!
    • By Goiter Sanchez
      Alright, now the really tough decisions need to be made. 9 beloved topic choices remain!
      For those who haven't seen the previous topics, the basic idea of this project is to focus WATMM's considerable musical talents upon a Video Game-related topic: be it a specific game, franchise, genre, console etc.

      Please continue voting for your favourites and don't be afraid to post tracks in the topic to support your choice(s); some of these finalists are really going to need your support and ability to sway opinion by posting amazing examples of their musical contents!

      NOTE: Option 4 has three choices because of the odd number of finalists.

      Now get voting:

    • By Goiter Sanchez
      The idea here is for WATMM to remix/cover the music of a video game related topic, be it a specific game, franchise, console, genre, etc.
      So I aggregated all the ideas that people mentioned in the previous topic and now we have the choices present in the poll. Please vote for your favourites and we will whittle this list down for the first round of Bracketology.
      Get voting!
      I will keep this open for 4ish days and then aggregate the topics with the most votes.
    • By Joyrex
      Fully playable Super Mario Bros. in HTML5 - the source is on GitHub too, if you want to customize it: https://github.com/Diogenesthecynic/FullScreenMario
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