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a bit from 400kg (a mix of old and new)

Guest 4OOkg

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Hi music lovers,


First time i'm posting here.


I'm a sucker for rhythms and music of all kinds and thought about sharing some of my material i've been crafting through the days (and nights...) with you guys. Hopefully someone finds something interesting and maybe some inspirational for their own creation of production, maybe potential collabs together? projects or whatever. All that stuff could always be interesting


A pinch of old and new material from different years and eras through out my experimenting time. Hope some enjoy some of it.


stay well outta there







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Guest GateFour

Listened to all these, I like'em - My faves are Amente / Shithead Strategy. Maybe it's just because that kind of stuff has recently falling out of style and it's just so refreshing to hear it nowadays. I'm guessing that's your older stuff?


Regardless though I really like your percussive/rhythmic work on all the tunes.

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